Tom R. Baker

Thomas R. Baker, Ph.D. | Education Manager, Esri

Leawood, Kansas, United States 66209

I'm an instructional technologist, educator, and occasional researcher - focusing on geovisualization and analysis tools with learners of all ages. I'm a former middle school science teacher and I've also spent a good deal of time working with students and educators in K12 schools. I create a lot of digital media - including photography, AI illustrations, and layout/design work.                                         Blog posts | Directions webinars 


Baker Education Prototype Lab

If you're looking for a demo, prototype, or sample that I created for a workshop, presentation, or proof-of-concept, head to the lab.


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My academic interests lie at the intersection of technology and learning (Ph.D., 2002)  with a critical  emphasis on geospatial tools, analysis, and visualization.I am a former  member of the research faculty at the University of Kansas in the Center for Research on Learning and the Center for STEM Learning.



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Research Publication Snapshot

Langran, E., & Baker, T. R. (2016). Special issue: Geospatial technologies in teacher education: A brief overview. Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education, 16(3). [ Open journal ]

Baker, T.R., Battersby, S., Bednarz, S.W., Bodzin, A.M., Kolvoord, B., Moore, S., Sinton, D., Uttal, D. (2015). A research agenda for geospatial technologies and learning. Journal of Geography, 114(3), 118-130. [WoS | Google ]

Baker, T. R., Kerski, J. J. & Palmer, A. (2009). A national survey to examine teachers’ professional development and implementation of desktop GIS. The Journal of Geography 108, 174-185. [WoS | Google ]

Baker, T. R. (2005). Internet-based GIS in support of K-12 education. The Professional Geographer 57(1), 44-50.  [ WoS | Google ]

Baker, T.R. & White, S.H. (2003). The effects of Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies on students’ attitudes, self-efficacy, and achievement in middle school science classrooms.  The Journal of Geography, 102(6), 243-254.  [ WoS | Google ]


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